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I’m a huge flower lover. I can remember as a little girl going to a botanical garden in Saint Louis, Mo and seeing hundreds if not thousands of different flowers. Everywhere I looked there were different shapes, sizes, and colors of flowers. As I grew up, I continued to have a love for flowers. I would work in the yard for hours to have the best yard in the neighborhood. I learned over the years what to plant that would make it through the winter months and I learned to plant flowers that would come back each spring.
I love all kinds of flowers. I tend to always go for the ones that smell divine. Roses are at the top of my list, although I must say that they have to be the old-fashioned type of roses, not the new so-called knockout roses. I know that the new knockout roses are supposed to be bug resistant and last forever and maybe all this is true. The problem I have with them is that they don’t smell like a Blue Boy rose. If you ever stick your nose into one of the Blue Boys, you’ll think you died and went to heaven. Seriously, that is how good they smell.
Did you know you could tell a story with flowers? Every flower in the world has a meaning. With roses alone, you can show different feelings by just picking the right color and presenting it to another person. If you pick yellow, they will know that you like them as a friend. Well, hopefully they will know. Wham, if you pick red, of course, it is for confession of love, marriage, even purity.
If you skip the roses, try the lilies. The white lily stands for purity, majesty and it is heavenly to be with you. If you pick the yellow lily, it means I’m walking on air because of you. However, if you like the lily of the valley it says, sweetness, return to happiness, humanity, you have made my life complete.
If you like orchids, which are one of my very favorites, they mean love, beauty, refinement. Tulips are another of my favorites. They range in so many different colors that they make an impression on you no matter who or where you are. The red tulip says; believe me and declaration of love. Yet the variegated colors of the tulip means beautiful eyes. Instead of friendship like the rose, with the yellow tulip it means there is sunshine in your soul. That is truly a wonderful statement and I’d be honored to get a yellow tulip form someone.
I can go on and on about flowers, but truly loving flowers is a passion. There are so many to choose from and that is the fun to pull up a list and start picking your favorite flower whether they are for you or they are for someone else. You can also pick the flowers that make you happy and plant them in your yard to watch them bloom each year. Flowers are such an expression of so many different feelings. I think that is why they draw me into the blissfulness of their beauty. Happy Monday Everyone.

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