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Book Lovers. Happy February. The month of Romance and Love is here!

Page 70 out of the new release, “My Soul Belongs to You” Receiving Reader’s Favorite 5 stars

This is the way Kate sees it:

I didn’t see Deacon and we didn’t talk about him, but the thought of him sleeping with another woman split me in half. In my logical brain, it was ridiculous that I was hurt by this, but in the part of me that was so confused, there was an ache that I didn’t understand.
As I listened to Nolan and Emmalyn talk, I realized I had drifted off into my own cocoon and hadn’t paid attention to their conversation at all. Emmalyn gave me her sweet smile and said, “Are you up for a little trip? I can’t travel much longer. The next trip for me will be back to the USA for the graduation and to have the twins.”
She looked down at her body and rubbed her hand over the small round belly that carried her two precious babies and said to them, “Mommy cannot wait to see you, Brannagh and Bleddyn. I love you so much.”
Nolan put his hand on her belly, and added, “We can’t wait. Your mother has a hard time remembering that the two of us made the two of you, and that daidi can’t wait to see you, too.”
It was so sweet how they talked to them as if they were already here, that tears prickled the inside of my eyelids again. The way Nolan said “Daddy” was so darn cute. I would have never guessed in a thousand years that he would be this kind of husband or father-to-be.
Yet I hadn’t answered Emmalyn’s question and they looked at me patiently, unaware that the little act of devotion they showed to their babies and toward each other was priceless.
Emmalyn said, “Well, Katlyn, are you ready for a little shopping spree in Dublin?”
I hadn’t been paying attention to the conversation earlier, but I thought going to Dublin sounded great. “I’m in. When do we leave?”
“We thought we’d take a couple of days and show you around.”
Having finished the entire bottle of wine, I reached for Emmalyn’s glass. “If you’re not going to drink this….”