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Get the second book in the ‘Soul Mate’ series, “My Soul Belongs to You.”

Book 1.) Your Soul Was Made for Mine
Emmalyn Stone lives in Hilton Head, SC. For many months, Emmalyn has been in therapy struggling to overcome her deep depression and unbearable grief after losing her husband, Thomas, in a car accident over in Dublin, Ireland. After months of healing, at her therapist’s suggestion, she decides to write to Mr. O’Neill, the man who lives across the sea, the one she has blamed for months. Emmalyn’s anger against him and the world begins to change, and strange, surprising things begin to happen to her. She starts to believe in the unbelievable.
Nolan O’Neill lives in Castlebar, Ireland and owns a multi-billion-dollar company in Dublin. He thought he had everything until his friend and attorney, Thomas Stone, was critically injured in a car accident while in Ireland for business. Nolan reaches the hospital just in time to hear Thomas’ last words and sees an exquisite angel materialize at the bedside telling him things he doesn’t want to hear or believe. Nolan is a loner. He is a man with a disturbing past. After months of doubting himself, Nolan is shocked to receive a letter from Hilton Head, and now wonders if maybe what the angel said is real.
Unknown to them, once they meet face to face their lives will never be the same as dangers appear from Nolan’s past, and they unravel astonishing secrets together. With each new discovery, it takes them to places, events, and ecstasies they could never have imagined.
This is a story of loss, pain, romance, and electrifying thrills that will keep you captivated until the very end.

Book 2. My Soul Belongs to You
From the busy city life of Dublin, Ireland to the quiet little town of Hilton Head, South Carolina, two lives are pulled together by tragedy and something more—call it fate, call it faeries.
After giving up a daughter for adoption at sixteen, KATLYN REYNOLDS has built a successful advertising company to keep her mind busy and her heart safe. But this pain from her past has made Kate a use ’em and leave ’em kind of girl, bypassing love and commitment to protect herself. And this system has worked—
—until she meets DEACON O’MALLERY, a sweet, sexy, striving Irish businessman. Deacon is known as a jammy, a lucky bastard. As second in command at the largest intel company in Europe, he has the world by the balls, leaving the orphaned boy who grew up with nothing—any everyone else—behind. Then Katlyn Reynolds walks into his life and he’s smitten. Kate is his maité Sol, his soul mate; he just knows it; even his wanker can’t stop thinking about her. And, for the first time, after hearing Kate’s story of brutality and loss, he wants to find his birth mother, the woman who abandoned him.
Kate’s feelings for Deacon are confusing. She cares enough to reveal her past, but insists he find love somewhere else.
Now this stubborn bloke has two missions: to find his mother and to make the girl across the ocean stand by his side forever. Ádh mór ort, Kate! Good luck, he thinks. She’s going to need it to fight him off, for he has more than good looks, charm, tenacity, and money on his side. Deacon has Thomas and Calista: spirits he unwittingly beckons into his life.

Angels are in the midst.
They walk among us here on earth.
All you have to do is believe….


  • Nolan & Emmalyn first encounter
    Nolan & Emmalyn first encounter
  • Ireland's Medieval Castle
    Ireland's Medieval Castle
  • Nolan & Emmalyn on the beach in Seychelles
    Nolan & Emmalyn on the beach in Seychelles
  • Ireland Old Castle Turned Into Hotel
    Ireland Old Castle Turned Into Hotel
  • Nolan & Emmalyn "heavenly"
    Nolan & Emmalyn "heavenly"
  • The Cliffs of Moher
    The Cliffs of Moher
  • Nolan & Emmalyn on the beach
    Nolan & Emmalyn on the beach
  • The Irish Bar where Nolan takes Emmalyn
    The Irish Bar where Nolan takes Emmalyn
  • Nolan & Emmalyn intimacy at it's finest
    Nolan & Emmalyn intimacy at it's finest
  • Charming Castle
    Charming Castle
  • Mystical Castle
    Mystical Castle
  • Ireland's Secrets
    Ireland's Secrets
  • loch Loch sio`Ga---- Lake Lake of fairies
    loch Loch sio`Ga---- Lake Lake of fairies
  • Secret Places In Ireland
    Secret Places In Ireland
  • Castle Turned Into Hotel
    Castle Turned Into Hotel
  • Winding Waterways and Winding Roads
    Winding Waterways and Winding Roads

Visions of Ireland


“Your Soul Was Made for Mine.”


Reviews: Exciting, erotic, and oh so very very steamy. *****
Wow! What an exquisitely erotic and deeply compelling story! *****
This book was so captivating that only when my vision became blurred could I set the book down. ***** Voice Over in his words!

It’s not often I fall in love with a project. But, I must say, this was one of the single most fun, quality projects I’ve come across.
I’ve often felt that my characters were very one dimensional, but as soon as I read the script for Nolan, I felt an affinity for him. I was so proud to stand in the studio and feel every inch of passion he feels for Emmalyn. A beautiful piece of literature. I felt intoxicated by every single word.
This is a masterpiece! And, may you be blessed by the luck of the world as you release your new book. ~~~ Gaz (The voice of Nolan)

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In the second book in the Soul Mate Series the cross-continental frolics continue with Kate and Deacon. Drama blends with desire and an off-the-charts plot, creating the heavyweight champion of page-turners in this sensual romance.